Here you can find maps of places and trails I’ve visited over the years.

These maps are a work in progress and are a reference to help you understand my trips, as well as inspire those of others. They do not contain everything there is to see or know about any one particular trail or place, but I will continue to update them from time to time.

It is HIGHLY ADVISED that if you’re planning a trip into the outdoors, that you buy the latest maps and guide books for that trail or region of the world and read up on potential risks and advisories. IF YOU USE MY MAPS, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK AND AGREE NOT TO HOLD THEIR CREATOR RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

That being said, it is also highly advisable for anyone travelling in wilderness or even semi-wilderness areas to learn the proper skills for reading a map and navigating with a compass. It will speed your travel and save your life in an emergency.

Otherwise, please enjoy these creations and feel free to suggest changes and updates to my maps.



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