Gear Mods/Repair

Here are links to posts we’ve written about repairing and modifying gear for the trail, mountains and rivers. Knowing how to repair your gear is a great problem-solving skill to have on the trail. Finding ways to repair and modify your gear at home extends its life, prevents waste, saves money and gives you a new versatile piece of equipment.

Harnessing potential – add gear loops to a climbing harness without damaging it.

Mod squad (+video) – some of the gear modifications I’ve done in the past to make the most of my money.

Get a grip – making a replacement handle for an Opinel No. 8 from deer antler.

Give it the boot – it’s hard to say goodbye to a favorite pair of boots after many miles, hardships, and good times.

Leather Man – making a leather coozie for a stainless steel trail mug.

Gear Trapsometimes an impulse buy doesn’t work out. Or does it?