The Black Forest

Pine Creek Gorge from Hemlock Mtn. vista, June 2012.

Here is the complete series of stories from the five years it took for me to finish the Black Forest Trail.

The first series is originally called “Third Time’s a Charm,” and collected here as the “Gorge Rim Peaks.” It’s stories and photos from my June 2012 backpacking trip to the Black Forest Trail in Tiadaghton State Forest, Pa.

“The Western Front” includes my assault (appropriate bias considering how the BFT has assaulted us over the years) on the western half of the trail. We finally completed the trail in March 2017 after several painful failures. ~JTR, Feb. 6, 2020

Into the Black Forest Again

The Gorge Rim Peaks
Part 1 – Backtracking
Part 2 – Return to ‘Pirate Mountain’
Part 3 – Critters & the Sea of Ferns
Part 4 – The Knife’s Edge
Part 5 – Once More Up the Mountain

Intricate icicle caves and waterfalls along the BFT in January 2014.

The Western Front

Video – The Black Forest Trail: Episode III

On the BFT: Burned Socks, Charred SoulsAfter five years, it’s complete.

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