On the Rocks

Toadstool atop a crag on the White Rocks Trail, Boiling Springs, Pa. Feb. 2019.

Here you’ll find various posts about rock climbing and related gear. Although I learned to climb when I was a teenager, it was only recently got back into the sport. I’ve combined it with my love of backpacking to seek out new climbing spots off the beaten path in Pennsylvania. More on that later, but here are some of the posts I’ve written about climbing:

Toadstool Sending – A little video my son “Toadstool” and I made of a hike and his first outdoor climb at White Rocks.
Free on the Boxcar – A day of climbing at Boxcar Rocks (Pa.) Under Construction
Cracking Shaffer – Here’s a blog and video about my May 2014 rock climbing trip to Shaffer Rocks in Michaux State Forest, Pa.
Exploring the Sullivan Crags – Sullivan Mountain in Lycoming County, Pa. is home to the Old Loggers Path, a nearly 30-mile popular backpacking trail. It’s also home to some good bouldering and cliff climbing. Here’s a blog and video from my March 2014 trip with a friend.
In Anticipation of Climbing Season – Looking forward to warmer weather with some other climbing stories from around the web.
River Hooligans on the Rocks – An historical perspective on how I got into rock climbing.
Climb Time – How did my acrophobic wife perform at her first time going to the climbing gym with me?
How to Add Gear Loops to a Climbing Harness – If you want to give yourself gear loops on a plain harness, don’t put your safety at risk by altering the harness; just use about 12 feet of paracord and some plastic tubing.

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