Three Days on the Canyon Rim

We stopped at Barbour Rock for one of the most picturesque lunches I've ever had.
Pine Creek Gorge from Barbour Rock.

Here you’ll find posts from my 2012 trip to the West Rim Trail on the upper Pine Creek Gorge, Pennsylvania’s “Grand Canyon.” The gorge itself cuts a long gash through the state’s north central plateau, where the creek (a small river) is at about 800 feet above sea level and the plateau rim is above 2,000 feet, in many places.

Part 1: Rain, delays – This isn’t a galaxy far, far away, but we still took a ride in the Millenium Falcon.

Part 2: Views, critters & shortcuts – Darkness. The sounds of the forest rocked me to sleep easily. And then, the unmistakable sound of heavy rain…

Part 3: Barbour Rock – Is that a Sasquatch? Last day on the trail and some fantastic views.

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