Video – Modifying Gear

I spend some of my time between treks modifying and repairing my own gear.

There are several reasons to do this:
1) It extends the life of existing gear, which saves me money. Cha-Ching! Penny saved, penny earned.
2) It reduces the amount of stuff I throw in the garbage, which reduces my impact on the planet I love to explore.
3) It helps keep me mentally sharp — a crucial skill for anyone who ventures into wilderness. Gear repairs, modifications, and creative reuses of items are really just puzzles. Problem solving, ingenuity and learned skills are keys to a sharp mind.

The person who constantly learns will never be bored. The person who solves his own problems will never truly fail. And he who conserves will be happy with the least of things. But, in nature, less satiates the soul.

Enjoy the video.

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