Creekside Hooligan

By Jim T. Ryan, Hooligan-in-Chief

I, like many people, find the sound of running water to be soothing and comforting.

My favorite form of running water is the trickle-truckle of a steady summer rain running through the gutters and downspouts around my home as I sip a beer from my porch and watch the world blossom with color.

But next to that, is probably water taking its natural course through the wilderness, cutting its way to the rivers and oceans, bubbling and babbling over rocks and under tree roots. Last week, I took an 8.5-mile hike along the Tuscarora Trail near McConnellsburg, Pa., to the 2,458-foot high point on the Tuscarora Mountain Ridge known as “Big Mountain.” On the return trip, I hiked along the South Branch Little Aughwick Creek in Cowans Gap State Park.

More to come soon from that climb up Big Mountain, but here’s a short video from the hike:

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