Always have a ‘Plan B’

Here’s a screen shot of a text message conversation I had earlier today.

Necessary conversation.
Necessary conversation.

I wish we hadn’t needed to have the conversation, but in the world of planning for a four-day trek within the constraints of taking time off from work right after a holiday, a Plan B is essential.

We have time to see how the weather will play out as we get closer to Day 1 of trail work (it’s not much like work when you love it), but if it’s going to rain for the duration of your backpack, do you really want to drive 7 hours? Rain in winter, four days straight at nearly a mile above sea level is a recipe for hypothermia.

If I had to do it, I could take necessary precautions and make the best of it, but I’d like to shoot for a better scenario this time around.

We’ll see what the forecast holds for Mt. Rogers, Va., before kick-off date.

Third time's a charm: Part 2
Looking south into the lower Pine Creek Gorge from Hemlock Mtn.

However, we’ve decided that if plans change, we’ll venture once again into Pennsylvania’s “Black Forest,” the Tiadaghton State Forest and the infamous Black Forest Trail. This time, the section we haven’t yet seen.

For the full Black Forest series of stories, click here.

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